Special Rules

Rouges get sneack attacks(other special attacks like skirmish and sudden strike also work) against Vampires

Vampires can transform into a small bat as a swift action this is only for travel purposses, they have the same amount of hit points but cannot attack. They take can fly over water but strongly resent doing so and lose 1d4-1 fraction of their hp (ex. Jon the Vampire has 100 hp he flies over wayer and the dm roles a 3 with the -1 modifier it comes down to 2 hence Jon loses 1/2 of his hp, a roll of a 4 would result in a 3/4 loss and a 1 or 2 will result in 1/4 hp loss

There are 3 new classes availible Blessed Bard, Brawler and Dragoon

How they fit in the world

Special Rules

Dracula and Santa saveducks